• Contractors Alliance is a resource for professional roofing contractors throughout the United States to learn about alternative solutions to the challenges you may be facing that compliment your existing skills as a business owner in the roofing industry.
  • Business marketing and training through seminars and workshops are just a couple ways the Contractors Alliance helps commercial roofing contractors throughout the USA.
  • No job is too big when a contractor has Conklin Roofing System product knowledge and training through Contractors Alliance.

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Realize up to 40% Profit as a Commercial Roofing Partner with

The Contractors Alliance

  • Buy supplies direct from the manufacturer
  • Reduce liability
  • Minimize crews
  • Easy application
  • Mentorship on sales, installation and operations



The Contractors Alliance has been installing Conklin Roofing Systems for almost 40 years. We are one of three authorized corporate trainers for the Conklin Company.  We provide training, on-site support and business consulting for contractors that want to succeed with the fastest growing segment in commercial roofing.