Advanced Training

Take your Commercial Roofing Business to the Next Level

Conklin Roofing Systems advanced training through The Contractors Alliance.The Contractor Alliance understands the growing pains and challenges our partners will realize as their business takes off. Some may require training for new hires, while others are getting calls for challenging projects.  The Contractors Alliance is here to share 40 years expertise to help you win those bids and assist your company expand into more profitable markets – and the Conklin Company is there to assist you along the way as well. 
Here’s how Conklin will help support you while you grow:

Conklin Contractors receive in-depth instruction on building roof assemblies and spraying coatings that encompass products found within Conklin Roofing Systems. In addition, you will receive hands-on training on how to properly apply Conklin Roofing Systems utilizing industry-standard tools and materials. Conklin’s Advanced Roof Systems training is structured for seasoned contractors wanting to learn more about proper application of Conklin Roofing Systems.

Benefits of this training: In-depth coverage of all Conklin Roofing Systems. 
  • Hands-on construction of systems utilizing industry-standard tools and materials.
  • The ability to offer Manufacturer’s Warranties upon successful completion. 
  • Membrane Coatings, Fabric-Reinforced, Single-Ply and Spray Polyurethane Foam Systems will all be covered in detail with equal amounts of classroom and construction time given to each system. 
  • Completing this training allows Conklin Contractors to take advantage of volume discounts on all applicable products and receive a 3% discount on all products, excluding Spray Polyurethane Foam and Boardstock.

Register for upcoming training dates (space is limited so sign up early): 

Contact us at (800) 581-4355 and register to attend the 3-day Advanced Roof Training hosted by the Conklin Company at the National Conklin Training Facility in Kansas City, MO.

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