One on One Mentorship

Expert Training to Get You Started in the Right Direction

Conklin Roofing Systems One on One training and mentorship.When you partner with The Contractors Alliance, we want you to feel like an expert by the time you sell your first job. To start, we will walk you through the process of becoming a Conklin Roof Systems Contractor and register you for the training that best fits you. 

You will spend time with our experienced Master Contractor's learning product knowledge, equipment maintenance, sales and marketing techniques and the skills you need to successfully apply Conklin's Roof and Coating Systems.  In addition, you will receive on going personal support through personal and conference calls, social media platforms or scheduled One on One training.  But Conklin's mentorship doesn’t end there, at The Contractors Alliance YOUR success is our success – we are here to maximize YOUR success utilizing our 40 years experience in training and installing Conklin Roof Systems nationwide. 


One on One mentorship with the Contractors Alliance.Our One-on-One training schedule includes:

One of our experienced Master Contractors arrives at YOUR doorstep for a hands-on training at YOUR facility. Training can be the technical reinforcement from Conklin Training Seminars or customized based on your needs. 


Our One-on-One training is perfect for:

  • Customers new to the industry looking for individualized training
  • Entire crews
  • Family businesses