Career Opportunities for U.S. Veterans

Providing the Tools they deserve to re-engage in the Civilian Workforce

At The Contractor’s Alliance, we believe that U.S. Veterans should be honored.  This includes providing the tools YOU deserve to re-engage in the civilian workforce. That’s why we are dedicated to offering programs and opportunities that will help our veterans get re-established in their community.

Owning your own Commercial Roofing Business has proven to be a good fit for military veterans.  You are use to systems, hard work , dealing with people and the day to day challenge.  As an independent Conklin Roof Systems Contractor, you have the opportunity to use your leadership skills, ambition and work ethic to build a profitable business and fill a need in your community.

According to "80% of U.S. Veterans surveyed said they were looking for "the right job" not just any job. The Contractors Alliance has created an opportunity that will provide service members a career that is not only rewarding but will help support you and your family.  If you are ready to make your next move, consider partnering with The Contractors Alliance and becoming an independent Conklin Roof Systems Contractor.

U.S. Military Veterans have career opportunities with Conklin Roofing and the Contractors Alliance.

Here are just a few reasons to consider owning your own Commercial Roofing Business:

  • You are in business for yourself, but never by yourself
  • You have the ability to realize high profitability and low liability
  • On-going Mentorship and training provided by The Contractors Alliance and the Conklin Company 
  • You can grow your income and customer base without having to grow your infrastructure.
  • No discrimination between men and women - you have the same opportunity to succeed, thrive and excel.

For additional information and benefits, please call us at 800-581-4355.  We look forward to your call.